A methodological meeting once again gathered teachers from secondary schools in Bulgaria and lecturers from the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics together in Svishtov. The forum was organised as a traditional side event to the 11th national student competition in Economics at the Svishtov higher school in the fields of “Commerce”, “Tourism”, “Innovation in business”, “Accounting” and “Economics”. The consecutive edition of the student’s contest had a record number of new participants among the 25 secondary schools from the country that were present.

After being welcomed to Svishtov and to the Academy of Economics, the new partners from the schools participating for the first time in the competition and traditional participants were welcomed by the Vice Rector for "Students’ Policy and Academic Development", Prof. Teodora Dimitrova, PhD. "I am glad that you welcomed the initiative by the Academy of Economics" - said Prof. Dimitrova and thanked the teachers for the dedicated work and care with which they educate and train their students. During the meeting, the teachers were presented with the achievements and the attractive portfolio from the specialties which the four departments have developed at the educational and qualification levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD, and also the opportunities which the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics offers for continuing education.

In an informal environment the two sides discussed the challenges and prospects for cooperation between secondary schools and higher economic education in Bulgaria.

The teachers had the opportunity to comment on the opportunities provided by the Svishtov higher school to assist teachers in updating curricula, teaching plans and textbooks for the taught disciplines with representatives from the academic community.

Opportunities for future partnerships and joint initiatives contributing to economic education in secondary schools were also discussed.

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