On April 24-th, 2015, an International scientific-practical jubilee conference on the topic of “European practice and national reflections on planning” dedicated to the 60-th anniversary of the “Strategic Planning” department was inaugurated via a solemn ceremony held in the main lecture theatre at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

Among the participants were representatives of the Academy of Economic’s partner universities, scientists from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Poland, India, the United Kingdom, the USA, Tanzania, lecturers from other Bulgarian higher education institutions, representatives of local government authorities, alumnus of the Alma Mater, executives from institutions in the country, the deans of faculties of the Academy, members of the Academic board, directors of centres, heads of departments, students and members of the academic community.

A report on the development of the “Strategic planning” department at the Academy of Economics was delivered by the Head of the Department.

The department of “National Economic Planning” was founded on January 13th, 1955. Nearly 5000 students who have been employed in different areas of practice were educated for the whole period of the department’s operation, together with over 40 dissertations defended by PhD students, respectively Doctors of Economics and two dissertations by Doctors of Science , over 1000 publications including 171 in the last five years, two disciplines at Bachelor degree level, five Master degree programmes and two PhD programmes, one of which is undergoing the accreditation process.  

The department boasts participation in dozens of international research projects, numerous specializations, Erasmus teaching staff and student mobilities in more than 10 countries, and has participated in the institutions’ management via two rectors, vice-rectors and deans of faculties. Many greetings were presented to the department on the occasion of its jubilee from official guests from foreign countries and Bulgaria, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Members of Parliament, representatives from higher education institutions in the country, from practice and business, and from deans of faculties and heads of departments at the Academy of Economics.

At the conference, more than 170 representatives of higher education institutions from Bulgarian and foreign countries participated with reports, and also business representatives from 4 continents. According to their profile, the thematic reports were presented in three working sections.

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