78 years after the Decree from Tsar Boris III created a Higher Trade School in Svishtov, the academic community in this Danube city once again showed recognition, honour, gratitude and respect for the Benefactor, Dimitar Apostolov Tsenov. On this occasion, which celebrates the patron of the Academy of Economics on the 8th of November, hundreds of students, lecturers and staff participated in the ceremony in front of the Benefactor’s monument and in the procession to his grave.

The celebration in honour of the patron started with performances from a brass band to whose accompaniment the Rector, Prof. Velichko Adamov Ph.D., Gregory, the Bishop of Veliko Turnovo, Vice Rectors Prof. Lyuben Kirev Ph.D. and Prof. Teodora Dimitrova Ph.D., the Chairperson of the General Assembly of the Academy of Economics, Prof. Daniel Vrachovski Ph.D., the Deans of the four faculties and Chairperson of the Student Council were welcomed to the monument of the Benefactor.

For 78 years the Academy of Economics has constantly developed and strengthened. "Here, in line with the traditions of this city that has always had an innovative spirit" said Assoc. Prof. Erusalimov. He recalled that, at the Academy of Economics, disciplines were differentiated for the first time, the first Bulgarian Department of Finance was created, the subject of insurance was taught for the first time, distance learning was introduced and the first online thesis defence was held. In his words, the greatest wealth that the Academy of Economics possesses are people - all the highly qualified lecturers and staff who have given and continue to give their energy to the cause as bequeathed by the Benefactor, all the more than 140 000 graduates who have spread the reputation of the Academy of Economics around the world, and current students studying bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes.

As a sign of gratitude to the Benefactor, Dimitar Tsenov, wreaths were placed at the monument on behalf of the Rector, Academic Leadership, the student community and the student organisation AIESEC. The attendees at the solemn ceremony - students, lecturers and staff from the Academy of Economics - participated in the procession and pilgrimage to the grave of the Benefactor. The procession started from the Rectorate building and passed through the central square “Aleko” and the main street, past the First Bulgarian Cultural Community Centre to the monastery of St. Peter and St. Paul, where Dimitar Tsenov is buried.

Bishop Gregory from Veliko Turnovo, together with Father Anton gave the memorial service and memorial prayer. The attendees honoured the memory of the Benefactor and brought flowers to his grave.

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