A student scientific session organised by the four faculties of the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics once again enabled the Alumni of the Svishtov Higher School to present their research in the fields of Economics and Management. The large student forum, which was dedicated to the patron of the Academy, was inaugurated by the Vice Rector for Students’ Policy and Academic Development, Prof. Teodora Dimitrova Ph.D.

The student scientific session was attended by nearly 300 students from the 1st to the 4th year, which is a new record for the number of participants taking part in a similar forum at the Academy. They received congratulations from the Vice Rector for the "ambition and motivation" in their work where they have analysed issues regarding the economy and management. Prof. Dimitrova expressed her gratitude to the deans, heads of departments and lecturers for their enthusiasm in the organisation of the student scientific session.

The large forum was held in the four main areas taught at faculty level and participants were divided into eight sections according to their selected sphere of work. The Faculty of Finance challenged the students with the theme: "Finance in the context of the strategy ‘Europe 2020’”. The main thematic areas in which participants worked were related to corporate and public finance, banking, insurance, European Union social policy and initiatives for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The theme set by the Faculty of Industrial and Commercial Business was: "Challenges and prospects for business in the context of the Bulgaria 2020 programme”. The students presented their work related to industrial business, the national agrarian sector and prospects for the development of commercial business and tourism.

The session organised by the Faculty of Management and Marketing was entitled: "Sustainable development and global management." The main themes prompted participants to explore current issues in European integration and European business, the collaborative environment and the crisis in the economy and management, and strategic perspectives for the development of business and the public sector.

The Faculty of Economic Accounting challenged students to direct their research towards the “Problems and challenges facing economic accounting ". Presentations were given in three main thematic areas – "Accounting as an information and control system", "Control and analysis of the dynamic equilibrium in the economy" and "Applications of statistical methods in economic research."

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