The first of its kind annual national contest for the “Best Administration in the Republic of Bulgaria” was held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics.  The contest was organised as part of the Svishtov Higher School’s scientific project, “An assessment of the administrative capacity of public administration and an annual contest for the best administration in Bulgaria”. The project is realised in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration under the Republic of Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers and the “Focus” information agency and the trademark for ‘best administration’ is owned by Prof. Borislav Borisov, PhD, a lecturer from the Tsenov Academy of Economics.

At an official ceremony at the Tsenov Academy of Economics, which was attended by the Rector, Prof. Velichko Adamov, PhD, Vice Rector Prof. Teodora Dimitrova, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Manliev, Director of the Institute of Public Administration, regional governors, representatives from regional and municipal administrations, academic lecturers, students, journalists and other guests, the results from the project’s implementation were presented and the winners of the contest were awarded their prizes.

The idea of conducting an annual contest for the best administration arose more than a year ago.

The main criteria for the assessment of administration were developed and coordinated over 8 months, and the regional administrations that accepted participation in the research, which included thousands of pages, were visited by the team of lecturers from Svishtov – specialists in public administration.

Among the subjects under study were: the planned activity of the administrations, the budgetary process and financial management, control of the legality of decisions by municipal councils and mayoral actions, publicity, risk evaluation, the management of state property, projects and human resources.

The prize for “The most innovative regional administration” was awarded to the regional administration Sliven. “Most transparent” was awarded to the regional administration Lovech. The prize for “most active regional administration” was given to the regional administration Rousse, and the “most project orientated” was awarded to the administration from region Smolyan.

The prize for “Best Regional Administration of 2014” was awarded by the jury to the regional administration from Blagoevgrad. The winner of the first of its kind annual national contest for “Best Administration” received an honorary emblem, diploma and a replica of the sword of Vasil Levski as a symbol of valour, honour, bravery, at the same time symbolising strength, courage, power and energy.

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